Safety first of all! Here is our restart after the lockdown

The world has changed and we have changed with it. Covid-19 has upset our lives, not only from the health point of view – obviously the most important – economic, social, but also from a psychological one.

It was a difficult period for people with Parkinson’s disease, as they were unable to receive the support of the associations that organize daily activities and support meetings.
Aware of this, the European Parkinson Therapy Center immediately worked to be able to return to guaranteeing rehabilitation and all the necessary support to its clients.
During the lock-down, we contacted a specialized company for the sanitation of our premises and equipment.
Furthermore, in order to guarantee the restart in total safety, we have purchased plexiglass panels for the reception and for the meeting room.

For guarantee safety to all our guests, we created an internal protocol.

First of all, each therapist have to disinfect every tool and object with which his patient has come into contact, while every evening a cleaning company takes care of the sanitation of the entire center, with particular attention to the common areas and toilets. .

Secondly, we have reduced the number of clients we can accept per week; in fact, we passed from a maximum of 14 ReGen patients per week to a maximum of 7, with very strict measures on the schedules so as not to create groups. Furthermore, given the impossibility of interpersonal distance, the additional “relaxation and wellness” package has been temporarily suspended.
From the hall we have eliminated every object of common use, from newspapers to glasses. For this reason, before arriving at the center, customers are asked by email to bring a bottle of water.
For summer period the air conditioning has been equipped with special ozone filters.
Since the official reopening on 25 May, our customers have been able to see the attention paid to the protection of their health.

At the main entrance there is a thermo scanner to ensure that no one with a temperature higher than 37.5 ° can enter into the building.
All our guests must disinfect hands and always keep the mask on. Only during physical therapy it will be allowed to take it off, while therapists will wear it continuously and try, where possible, to keep safe distances.
As regards group meetings, only one family member per patient is allowed. We also have masks with our logo (filtering, washable and in Oeko-tex certified bacteriostatic fabric).
Your safety first of all!


All ReGen staff have followed the anti-contagion roules and are now ready to start over and help people with Parkinson’s get their lives back in hand.