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The program will
give you the answers

Your family can be
a part of the solution

A personalised program
in a non hospital environment

Learn to live with Parkinsons
and maintain quality of life

is not an ending, it can be a new beginning!

The phrase “You have Parkinson’s” is like an atomic bomb.
The European Parkinson’s Center was designed with specific protocols
to provide effective therapies, tools and knowledge of how to LIVE
with Parkinson’s, in collaboration with a team of experts and
then perfected by people with Parkinson’s.
our 4 PILLARS approach

Choose the therapy that’s right for you


Covering all
the key aspects of
Parkinson’s therapy
  1. Physical Neurotherapy
  2. Knowledge and understanding
  3. Psychological support
  4. Motivation
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Monitoring and correction
of the ReGe4n elements
going forward
  1. Comparative test results
  2. Focused Neurotherapy
  3. Focused psychological testing and support
  4. Motivation
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Focus On You
A program dedicated
to helping people who live
with people with Parkinson’s
  1. Cognitive interview
  2. Massages and spa
  3. How exercise can help you too
  4. Exchanging experiences
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Additional add on

Various treatments and therapies to make your stay. As personal and beneficial as possible.


Visit with

Through our virtual clinic or directly in the centre.
You can get personal detailed advice on almost all aspects of Parkinson’s


Parkinson Therapy

I don’t like to lose, and my stubborn head refused to accept that at 44 my life was destined to go on a one-way downhill trip (14 years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s). So among the garbage on the Internet I discovered some powerful research and contacted the researchers directly. Notable names like Jay Alberts (Cleveland clinic) and Becky Farley (founder of LSVT BIG and PWR), to name just two, have years of evidence that specific movements can reduce symptoms by up to 40%. From the University of Oxford and Newcastle I discovered that the lifestyle (the choices we make) even the food we eat and the way we think were powerful weapons for maintaining my quality of life depended on me not on the pills.
The unique center that I created is built on these 4 pillars (medicine, movement, lifestyle and psychology) and offers consolidated research-based therapy that sheds light on the other side of Parkinson’s. I wish they had told me sooner. Today people come from over 45 countries and the center is recognized in almost all the world. We can live well, follow our dreams and feel better. We have a choice. The center is dedicated to helping people and their family like you and me make that choice.
Alexander Reed,
Founder and President of the
European Parkinson Therapy (no profit)

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Your experiences
guide us and enrich our therapy program!

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