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A Unique Leading International Centre for Parkinson Therapy and Rehabilitation
Reduce the Symptoms, Slow Progression and take back your life.

From 01 June the centre is fully opertaional, but will apply strict and clear safety protocols.  Due to our late opening we are receiving a high level of requests. For those from other countries we recommend September onwards when flights and border crossing will be easier.

ReGen Program 10

Our Parkinson Therapy Program

Three words change our lives “You’ve got Parkinson’s” and the lives of those around us. The European Centre, created through International collaboration, not only offers the most advanced therapy available, but gives you a road map to maintain quality of life. The centre uses the 4 pillars approach combining Medical, Physical, Life style and Motivational therapy in a unique Alpine location, heavily subsidized by the not for profit charity. The multilevel internationally recognized protocol “ReGen” is monitored by a panel of leading Neurologists and researchers from the USA and Europe. Families/”caregivers” are encouraged to be involved.
We also offer courses for helping people who live with people with Parkinson’s (YOUR  quality of life is also important)! And follow up courses, Just as you see a Neurologist every year , we can monitor and correct  your Pychological and Physical condition. This program (previously called second step) has been revised and is called Parkinson Progression Management.

Parkinson Coppia

Our Parkinson Rehabilitation packages

A unique specialised international centre for non hospital treatment of earlier stage Parkinson’s (H&Y 1,2,3). Guests stay in heavily subsidized quality Hotels. The focus of the ReGen Program is to increase mobility, ease symptoms and show you how to slow the disease and adapt to living with Parkinson’s. We and our loved ones need the best Parkinson Therapy and Support in a wellness environment to live life fully.  Parkinson’s may change our life but we can decide how. The Terme di Boario is a famous spa and health and wellness centre, we are on the first floor. eople come because they want to feel well.

“Thank you for giving back my life.”



The European Parkinson Therapy Centre (EuPaTh) 

EuPaTh, not for profit charity, has achieved wide acclaim internationally for it’s innovative research based approach, showing people with Parkinson together with their families, that life with Parkinson brings change but change can be managed. Now with representation in 15 countries, advisors to national associations and working with leading Universities and researchers, the centre is impacting the way people with Parkinson’s are treated.

The philosophy of the centre is simple; to empower through knowledge and to show through therapy how to stay better physically and mentally in the unique surroundings of the Spa town of Boario Terme, Italy.

” A Warm caring tem, impressive improvements and a determination to live life to the full” 

LIVING with Parkinson’s
Parkinson’s changes our life and touches the whole family, our ReGen Parkinson Therapy program will help you manage that change, changing the question from “why me?” to “I have the rest of my life to live how can I maintain quality of life and autonomy?”. For you and those near to you.

Parkinson availability

This is not a booking, just a request to which we will give a detailed reply. We can arrange airport transfers, low cost Hotels and all your therapy requirements based on our program.

Working in close collaboration.
We operate in over 40 Countries with close links to many National and International associations like Parkinson UK, Limpe, EPDA (European Parkinson Disease association) and many more including leading researchers like Becky Farley, Jay Alberts and Universities like Oxford Brookes University.

The ReGen Therapy Protocol

The four Pillars of Parkinson, bring together in one place the latest and most effective therapy. Including Medicines, Movement (Neuroplasticity) therapy, Life style and Psycological issues. This program (called ReGen) involves families and is in a non hospital enviroment. See what people say about us below.

We understand Parkinson’s
Parkinson’s is personal and complex, our ReGen Parkinson therapy protocol uses the 4 pillars approach.
Our governing board includes Neurologists, Therapists, Researchers, Neuro- Psychologists and more importantly 2 people with Parkinson….Mind and Body.

The 4 PIllars approach

Parkinson NEWS

Free Booklet " Living with Parkinson's"

Living with Parkinson’s
Download you free PDF by clicking here

We wish to acknowledge

Parkinson UK
A world class charity
Cure Parkinson’s Trust… Inspirational
Oxford Brookes University
Our research Partner
Dr Becky Farley (USA) and PWR.
A leader in exercise therapy
Our International Scientific Committee
Without whom this would not be possible.
National Parkinson Foundation (USA)
and their work in research and support
Associazione Parkinson Italia
Leading by example.
Limpe Dismov
Building patient, Doctor partnerships.
Davis Phinney Foundation
True insight and practical support
Our Partner in Israel
European Association
Parkinson News Network
Italian newsletter

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What People Say about Us

I urge every Parkinson patient to follow this program at least once a year.

Dear Director I am sending you my heartfelt thanks for the beneficial effects that the intensive 1 week program I followed at the European Parkinson Therapy Centre you admininister had on me, both physically as well as mentally. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease over 15 years ago. My personal physiotherapist Daniele was able and patient with me - I improved my walking abilities and the back pain I used to suffer each morning disappeared. I opted for the services of a speech therapist and Dr Giacomo Michele Spada was excellent in helping me improve my speech and voice. more

What people Say about the Centre

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