Alex Reed - Direttore Amministrativo

Alex Reed

Founder & Director

I am Alex and I am the director of the centre. I don’t like to lose, and my stubbornness refused to accept that at 44 my life was destined to make a one-way trip downhill. I have travelled a lot and met many people who have provided me with useful information to create the centre you know today. I wish they had told me sooner. We can live well, follow our dreams and feel better. We have a choice. The centre is dedicated to helping people and their family like you and me. I am always in the office and I give my support to all our guests by giving them advice and strength to take back their lives.

Sara Gualeni - Amministrazione

Sara Gualeni

Client relations, administration and accounts

I am Sara Gualeni and I am the administrative manager of the centre, I consider myself the Alex’s “right arm”, even if we often argue! I follow the customers from the booking to their arrival at the centre, and then “deliver” them to my colleagues. I am a motorcycle rider and I love strong emotions and for me there is no problem that cannot be solved, I am prepared  for everything!

Alice Toninelli - Amministrazione

Alice Toninelli

Administration and accounts

I am Alice Toninelli and with Sara I take care of the administration of the centre. I am the latest addition to the group but I really want to learn and face new challenges. I love reading and being in contact with people. This job allows me to meet many wonderful people, each with its own story, but all united by the strength to fight and not to give up in the face of adversity.

Giacomo Michele Spada - Logopedista

Giacomo Michele Spada

Speech Therapist

I am the speech therapist of the Centre, where I have been working for 7 years. I am LSVT and SPEAK OUT certified. My job at the Centre consists mainly in giving people confidence in their communication skills, showing them that they can go back to speaking in a clear and understandable way. After a long pilgrimage among the most diverse professions I chose this job because … I like listening to the stories of my patients.

Nicole Reed - Neuroterapista

Nicole Reed

Physio Therapist

My name is Nicole and I graduated from the University of Brescia. Parkinson’s has been a condition that has touched me closely for many years now, because it has been my father’s life partner since 2005. Having experienced it personally, I decided to face it every day for being able to give concrete help and colour the life of many people. I am an energetic, positive person and I like to put a smile on everything I do!

Greta Bianchini - Neuroterapista

Greta Bianchini

Physio Therapist

Hi my name is Greta and I am a physiotherapist. I graduated from the University of Brescia in 2019. Among the things I love most there are theatre, rock music, travel, nature and especially mountains: from these I learned that with patience and determination extraordinary goals can be achieved!
I forgot … I love meeting new people, dealing with them and I always love learning new things. I find that the beauty of my job is just that: meet many people and never stop learning!

Daria Andreoli - Neuroterapista

Daria Andreoli

Graduated in sports science

I am Daria and my job at the centre is to get people with Parkinson’s to exercise. I am a PWP Personal Trainer. I trained at the University of Padua where I studied Motor Sciences and I specialized in preventive and adapted motor activity. I like to move and exercise, so my job is first of all a passion that I try to share to all my athletes with energy and charge. They teach me that the real strength lies in facing daily challenges and I try to help them to be ready and responsive in everyday life.

Agata Pezzotti - Neuroterapista

Agata Pezzotti

Physio Therapist

Hi I’m Agata and I’m 30 years old. I studied physiotherapy in Mantua and I graduated in Brescia. In my life I have always practiced sports, I love volleyball and music. During the first university years I became passionate about the neurological sector. I am specialized in manual therapy and neurological rehabilitation. At the Regen Centre I immediately found my size. I strongly believe that physical activity and specialized therapy can change people’s quality of life. This is my daily challenge and certainly the greatest satisfaction. I am grateful to be able to work in such an inspiring international environment. In short, I love my job!

Daniele Martinelli - Neuroterapista

Daniele Martinelli

Physio Therapist

Hello! My name is Daniele. I graduated in physiotherapy at the University of Milan. With me, the second pillar is deepened: physical exercise. I am not a big mouthy but I always try to be clear and direct in the explanations and exercises with all my patients, so as to have great results in a short time! Few words but more exercises to explore your new way of moving. I wait for you!

Paola Gronchi - Osteopata

Paola Gronchi


I like irony, I am a little dreamer and I always look for the positive side in every aspect of life. As an osteopath, my goal is to help the body achieve optimal conditions to find its health balance even in the disease.

Igor Montini - Operatore Olistico

Igor Montini

Holistic Operator

I’m Montini Igor, Holistic Operator. At the Regen Centre I perform Reiki treatments and, for those interested, also Matrix, Energy alignment of the spine, Bars and Metamorphic. In these years of profession, through a personal path that includes energy treatments and activations, my predisposition has emerged to support people in finding themselves and to support them in particular moments of life.
What I love most in my work is to see the changes that occur after each treatment and the energy evolution that the individual makes at the end of his path.

Luisa Milesi - Podologa

Luisa Milesi


My name is Luisa Milesi, a podiatry graduate at the University of Milan. During my course of study I did training internships (Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute), and attended masters in clinical posturology and pediatric podiatry (Barcelona). I like to be always updated in my work and to compare myself with different realities and new professionals. The well-being of the patient is at the centre of my work.

Pietro Domestici - Neuroterapista

Pietro Domestici

Physio Therapist

My name is Pietro, I’m 27 years old. My training as a physiotherapist took place at the University of Brescia and curiosity drove me to the other side of the world, to Tucson (Arizona) where I trained as a certified therapist and PWR Moves teacher. Three words define me: straight but funny. Seriousness and professional determination in a playful and positive character. Exercise and pleasure generate dopamine, a protein that conveys the right motivation and charge to face life.
Get ready!

Paola Guizzardi e Francesco Olivari

Paola Guizzardi & Francesco Olivari

Nutritionist and Doctor

We are Paola and Franco, respectively graduates in Food and Human Nutrition and Medicine.
Together we will take care of your nutrition to make you feel better and keep you feel good. We are waiting for you.

Roberto Carugati - Neuroterapista

Roberto Carugati

Physio Therapist

My name is Roberto and I am a Neuro-therapist! I studied physiotherapy at the University of Brescia. Already during my academy period, I understood that I wanted to study in deep people with Parkinson and the importance of group physical activity. This passion allowed me to do the Camino de with a group of people with Parkinson’s in 2019. Movement, rhythm, energy and sharing are just some of the words that I consider central to our treatment; but most of all you are at the centre of your treatment, we are ready and you?

Silvia Nezosi - Psicologa

Silvia Nezosi


I am Silvia, at the centre I take care of the psychological part! I am a dynamic person, I love learning new things and I am fascinated by everything that concerns our brain. My goal is to help people improve their quality of life, manage anxiety and mood!

Debora Macario


I am Debora, a psychologist, graduated at the University of Milan-Bicocca. My interest in neuropsychology started a long time ago, studying the complex and perfect mechanisms of the brain that make us who we are. About my job I love meeting new people, who push me to reinvent myself. What I do here? Offering a listening space, where anyone can find support.