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A unique program in an enchanted place, to take back your life, plan for the future and learn to live with Parkinson’s by reducing symptoms, slowing the progression and learning the TRUTH about Parkinson’s.
The Center has clients from over 45 countries and is a world leader. Bringing hope where there was none, movement when you thought it wasn’t possible, and slowing the onset of the condition.
Newly diagnosed, young onset or Parkinson/Parkinsonism.
You will return home changed, stronger, more informed and with the RIGHT tools.
The Center has grown more and more over the years, thanks to word of mouth and thanks to the results it gets.

Covering all the key aspects of
Parkinson’s therapy
to improve symptoms,
slow down progression
and take back your life.
  1. Individual Physical Neurotherapy
  2. Information meetings
  3. Cognitive therapy
  4. Motivation sessions
  5. Using the “4 Pillars” Protocol
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Progression Management

Parkinson Progression management is ReGen’s follow-up programme. In the same beautiful location, it’s a unique and powerful program.
During ReGen many tests are collected and analyzed, stored in our systems, so that upon your return we can compare, monitor and manage your physical and psychological state over time. Everyone goes to a neurologist for a med check every 6-12 months.
Thanks to our data we can investigate, manage or compensate for your physical and psychological condition. No afternoon classes, just morning and afternoon activities designed around you.

Monitoring and correction of the ReGe4n
elements going forward to verify
your psychophysical progression,
improvement work and psychological support.
  1. Regen Program Test Analysis (Out vs. In)
  2. Corrective therapy
  3. Individually targeted neurotherapy
  4. Targeted psychological support
  5. Outdoor therapy
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