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International Parkinson Center applying Individual Multi level Parkinson therapy in a unique environment (families are welcome)

Why The Regen Parkinson Therapy Program?

ReGen Therapy program is unique and aims to 
1) Show how to slow progression (Neuroprotection)
2) Reduce the symptoms (Neuroplasticity)
3) Be a road map for the future,
4) To help you take back your “Quality of Life”
5) Give Knowledge and facts about Parkinson’s
6) Help those who care about us, know more about how to help.
7) Built on the 4 main pillars of Parkinson’s therapy
8) Parkinson’s at 360 degrees

Young onset Parkinson

ReGen is a Parkinson therapy program/protocol created through International collaboration and research and monitored by Leading Neurologists and researchers in America and Europe.

Developed also with the involvement of People with Parkinson to make it powerful, effective, individual and practical. To not only give the best therapy but explain and help families and individuals live with Parkinson’s. In a holiday location staying in local Hotels at minimal cost.

Based on the 4 pillars of Parkinson Therapy.        button small Parkinson

There are two main therapy programs ReGen and the follow up program called Parkinson Progression Management. Plus a program for People who live with people with Parkinsons (focus on YOU) because Quality of life is often lost and this must not happen!!

1 week intensive Parkinson Therapy program

ReGen 1 week Intensive Therapy
Best for people who have been diagnosed more recently or have mild symptoms.
Focus is on maintaining posture, eliminating fear, facing anxiety, acceptance and learning what Parkinson’s is and what we can do about it.

Parkinson Progression Management
1 week Intensive Therapy
Follow up Programs that monitor,and correct both physical and psychological aspects.
Powerful therapy and monitoring of “Your Personal Parkinson’s” (Used to be called “Second Step”)

2 Week standard Parkinson Therapy program

ReGen 2 week Standard Therapy
Achieving even better results in posture and movement and giving more individual time to examine and develop a new approach to Parkinson’s. Also good for therapy holidays and re-evaluating the future.
Essential for people with more problems.

A personal approach to Parkinsons's Therapy
as everybody is different.

Parkinson child

“You have Parkinson’s, take some pills and see you in 12 months”, words that can devastate our lives. It does not have to be that way. The centre is dedicated to helping people who are still autonomous and wish to remain so by learning and undergoing therapy that can be applied after attending the centre. For this reason the principles of the centre are the same principles as for a person with Parkinson:

Favicon   Our family is part of the solution and should get help and be involved.

Favicon   We are people with difficulties who need support, we are not victims or handicapped in any way.

Favicon   We deserve to be treated with Dignity and not as patients. To eat well and enjoy the therapy and to be in an environment that is pleasant. We don’t need Hospitals.

Favicon   It’s not just the therapy. We need information, support, a road map to know how to continue staying better when we return home. It is all about quality of life. Our My Personal Parkinson program is designed to help maintain your quality of life.

The Core elements of the ReGen Therapy program. (Click on word to see more information)

Individual Neurotherapy

Neurotherapy is different from Physiotherapy as it involves the person in “re-learning” or “Neuroplasticity” and it is adapted to each individual person. Neurotherapy is  a functional therapy and specific physiotherapy for Parkinson’s. Using the latest Neurotherapy techniques, the centre, in just 6 days, has impressive results in posture, balance, mobility and length of stride. Our therapists will also show how apply the knowledge gained during your stay to use at home. We use laser technology to monitor progress.

Cognitive therapy

The impact of  Parkinson’s on cognitive funtion and how to lessen or avoid cognitive problems. We offer pyscological testing combined with the lastest technology from Israel. Cognitive Image scanning. The first centre in Italy to apply this advanced brain imaging technology. Our Neuro- Psycologists are highly trained in Parkinson’s and in the stimulation, imaging  and testing techniques.

Living with Parkinson's

Through 3 specific protocols, the truth and reality of Parkinson’s is explained. Like a puzzle the pieces are put together. Research evidence is explained and the focus is on developing individual plans and strategies for the future. My Personal Parkinson’s combined with our Active Protocol are some of the most advanced techniques to help people plan for the future. A future we shall reveal and develop with you.

Anti Stress and breathing

Stress is very much a part of Parkinson’s, IT is like a poison and must be controlled. Learning to “Reset” and relax is essential. Breathing is also helpful. People with Parkinson’s do not always breath deeply and can easily get short of breath. Our session on this subject, and follow up therapy are essential.


Essential information. Why do we get tired after lunch, constipation, energy are all linked to Nutrition.
This is done in a group so specific individual situations would  need to be done with our Doctor and Nutririonist.
We explore  the golden rules of Nutrition and clarify what works and what does not.


We do not intervene in your medicines, unless absolutely neccessary. The relationship with your Neurologist is essential and too be respected. We do however explain the various types of medicines and possible side effects. Being informed will help you be more involved with your therapy and with your Neurologist. Many Neurologists accross Europe trust us and we trust them.


This subject is so essential, we dedicate an afternoon to explain and demonstrate what it is and how it can be applied.
Becky Farley, A world leader in this subject has been closely involved with the centre from the start.

If we put people on a standing cycle for 20 minutes, we prefer to explain why…because you have the right know and you will be motivated more if you know why!

Individual test and controls

Using advanced Gait analysis equipment and standard tests. An individual program can be created. Based on your personal needs. These same tests are done again on the last day, demonstrating in clear terms the progress of the individual and giving data that can be used in future monitoring.

Living with a Person with Parkinson's

So often forgotten, family and friends have a special session with one of our Neuro Psycologists, to help them know how and what to do.
People with Parkinson’s can close themselves off and telling them what to do usually does not work. We explain why and how you can really make  a difference.

Going Home

An essential session, to pull it all together in a simple program called My Personal Parkinson’s.
Easy to monitor, easy to update and highly effective.

Some of our Therapy Team

Highly Specialised Parkinson Therapy Services are available as required for each individual (on request). These are charged seperately

Speech Therapy LSVT

Speech and especially the level of our voice can create problems. Our Parkinson’s LSVT speech therapist in 2 sessions can improve volumn and clarity and can train you to continue back at home. Swallowing problems are also handled by our Specialist.

Nutrition and Personalised Diet

This involves a full check up by our Doctor and examination of the individual aspects od your Diet. The dietician can then produce clear recommendations on your dietary needs. The combination of Doctor and Nutritionist gives a very complete picture.

Neurologist (Parkinson)

We believe that the relationship with your Neurologist is essential. We do not intervene on medicines unless there is a clear problem or you request a visit. Many Neurologists send clients to the Centre as they know the benefits that we can give.

Neuropsychologist Parkinson

For any concerns regarding cognitive or personal issues. We can run tests, discuss and recommend solutions as appropriate to each individual.
We use brain imaging technology and standard testing as required.

Parkinson Podologist

Problems with feet and pain can be easily handled by our foot specialist.

To know more about the effect of ReGen Parkinson Therapy,  please refer to the section what people say

Slow progression, Reduce symptoms
…and take back your life.

A Typical Day at the centre
Living with Parkinson's
Neurotherapy. Dedicated to working on Gait, posture, muscle, balance and movement using Neuroplastic techniques.
Patients will have an initial assessment by the specialized staff of the Centre. The patient will follow the therapy routine recommended according to his needs and with reference to the guidelines of ReGen therapy. During this time, the focus is to modify the following symptoms
– Bradykinesia (slowness of movement).
– Akinesia (rigidity of the movement).
– Problems of posture, gait and freezing.
– Problems of coordination, balance and tremor
– Activating mechanisms of neuro-protection and neuroplasticity
(reduction of symptoms through the activation of brain neurons)
The last day will be devoted to how to continue the therapy at home.
Parkinson Therapy

Are dedicated to the acquisition of knowledge and insights on topics critical to Quality of life.
This includes
– Activities of light exercise, with family or friends.
– Techniques for controlling movements and relaxation
– Anti stress
– Cognitive therapy
– Functional therapy
– Speech Therapist*
– Neurologist*
-Motivational counseling
-Explanation of what Parkinson is and to understand and re-evaluate the Parkinson

Terapia per il Parkinson
Live for today, not yesterday or what may be. So the evening is a time to relax, eat well and reflect on the day so as to be ready and mindful of what the next day will bring. More knowledge, more improvement, more control of our lives. Living with Parkinson’s is about good therapy, knowing better our body and ourselves.
Terapia Sera

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