The owner of the bar below the European  Centre asked our Director. ” Whats’s going on?, I see people arrive in wheal chairs and support frames and the leave without them”. True our Therapy Protocol is from the USA and is based on Neurologcal Physiotherapy (PWR ; FORCED EXCERCISE; MICRO MOVEMENT, BIG MOVEMENT and  NOT physiotherapy.
This is the power  of the World class Neuro therapy and the committmet of our guests.

Becky Farley’s  PWR Neuroplastic approach has become the Gold standard in treating Parkinson’s and is used and taught by the European Centre.

8 years ago we introduced it to Italy. Becky is a world leader in research demonstrating that exercise is medicine! Her research has demonstrated the power of movement and Becky was the creator of LSVT BIG and PWR.

The centre has sent physiotherapists to Arizona and the Director of the centre has visited twice. Treating Parkinson’s is more than Physiotherapy and the European Centre has lead the way to changing the way Parkinson’s is treated and is the only centre in Europe with a fully qualified PWR specialist. The Centre  runs courses (together with Fresco Institute) training others on this revolutionary therapy.