My situation: 70 years old, 8 years since my diagnosis with PD. My first neurologist told me the key to slowing progression was ‘exercise, exercise, exercise’. This I was able to do with positive results but over the past year I struggled and felt I was ‘falling apart’ physically and mentally; whatever I tried did not work.             I realised that I needed help and so booked to visit the European Parkinson’s Centre. Realistically I was just hoping to regain a little flexibility and strength to enable me to exercise more fully. After 2 weeks at the Regen Centre working with the wonderfully caring and expert team there, I can hardly believe the improvement in my fitness, mind-set, positivity, confidence and motivation. I feel that I am ‘me’ again.  To misquote Dante – Regain hope all ye who enter here, I certainly did. My eternal thanks to Alex Reed for having the vision, drive and determination to set up the Centre and to everyone who works so hard to deliver such a beneficial and personalised programme. But it was not just about me; it was life affirming to see how other people attending the Centre, some quite severely limited by the disease, improved markedly.

An added bonus is that the Centre is in such a beautiful part of Italy.UK