Dear Dr. Reed, Pietro, Sara and the rest of the amazing team at ReGen.

This will not be the first time you have heard from grateful people singing praises of your wonderful program. Your empathy builds the therapeutic relationship that makes this program so successful. Each well thought out approach in the program and the expertise that the excellent team brings is unique. My father has done so much better this week – he was falling 2-3 times a day. He has not fallen this entire week.

Sara – you are just so king and helpful – thank you.

Pietro – words are insufficient to express all you have done for “Rao” – thank you and hope you keep dancing to Jai Ho!

Alex – you are inspiring – wishing you every success as you continue to make lemonade out of any Lemons presented!

There are so many more team members we would like to thank individually – all of you are outstanding and doing such important work.


With deepest gratitude,

The Gulur family