The treadmill allows you to improve walking, balance and coordination.
Over time we have met customers who had never seen or tried this strange tool.
Initially they were skeptical and afraid of that constantly moving carpet but, over time, they have all adapted to this new workmate.
During the Regen Parkinson’s Therapy process the treadmill is used a lot, both for a warm-up part and for specific exercises. It is used forward (as we all do) with specific tools for a multi-tasking job. It is even used backwards to train back walking.

These particular exercises are the result of a lot of work and development of our knowledge of Parkinson’s and, thanks to this, we are also able to work with very different patients.
The center and the type of physical therapy we offer to our clients is constantly changing and improving, precisely to help people with Parkinson’s to recover their lives as much as possible!