Dear Director
I am sending you my heartfelt thanks for the beneficial effects that the intensive 1 week program I followed at the European Parkinson Therapy Centre you admininister had on me, both physically as well as mentally. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease over 15 years ago.

My personal physiotherapist Daniele was able and patient with me – I improved my walking abilities and the back pain I used to suffer each morning disappeared. I opted for the services of a speech therapist and Dr Giacomo Michele Spada was excellent in helping me improve my speech and voice. My nutritionist Dr Paola Guizzardi helped me in producing a good tmetable of nutrition based on the times of my medications intake.
All in all, helped by the fact that i was given a report and a USB with exercises to perform daily helped me to continue the progress achieved.
I urge every Parkinson patient to follow this program at least once a year. I would also like to thank Dr Alex Reed for his excellent presentations and overall directorship of the program. Praise also goes to the receptionist Ms Sara for making the experience unforgettable. Thank you all!