From Venezuela to Boario Terme for Parkinson Regen therapy
Today we tell you the story of Nicola, who came directly from Venezuela to Boario Terme to follow a “ReGen” Parkinson Therapy path.
We wanted to write his story for various reasons: Nicola decided to travel despite the difficulties of the pandemic and, after only a few days, he decided to stay with us for five weeks, thus beating all our records!

We were contacted by a close friend of Nicola, worried about his health conditions given his young age; Nicola, in fact, arrived at the center with the help of a walker.

From day one Nicola showed willingness and impatience to improve by diligently following all our advice,  physical, movement aspects and for the emotional and psychological one.

In addition to the morning Regen therapy, Nicola decided to aks help from various specialist visits, taking advantage of services that, in countries like Venezuela, are not always easy to find, such as the podiatry examination and the creation of custom-made insoles. by Dr. Luisa Milesi. Thanks to a speech therapy course with Dr. Spada Giacomo, who has been collaborating with the center for many years, he has improved his tone of voice. Following a visit with our nutritionists Dr.ssa Guizzardi Paola and Dr. Olivari Francesco, Nicola has also achieved great results! He a from our osteopath Gronchi Paola, without ever neglecting the importance of physical therapy every morning together with Greta and the motivational and cognitive path provided by our ReGen protocol.

As part of his therapy he carried out the last battery of motor tests to quantify the improvements obtained.

Surely our greatest satisfaction was seeing Nicola always smiling and without that walker that depressed him so much.