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A Unique International Centre for Parkinson Rehabilitation
Reduce the Symptoms, Slow Progression and take back your life.!

Terapia ReGen

Our Parkinson Therapy Program

A program to change your quality of life through a researched based neurotherapy, movement, functional, voice, motivational and guidance therapy program. Our Parkinson therapy Protocol, ReGen, is monitored by a panel of leading Neurologists and researchers from the USA and Europe. We encourage families/caregivers to be involved. We encourage our guests to take control

A road map to find your way forward. A powerful  multi-level program to ease symptoms and take back your life. Especially designed for people who are still autonomous and want to stay that way.

Parkinson Coppia

Our Parkinson Rehabilitation packages

A unique specialised international centre for non hospital treatment of early stage Parkinson’s (H&Y 1,2,3). The focus of the ReGen Program is to increase mobility, ease symptoms and show you how to slow the disease and adapt to living with Parkinson’s whilst maintaining your quality of life. Sessions are one to one with dedicated therapists. Each patient undergoes an evaluation to help focus the therapy on individual need.

Our work is dedicated to enriching your life and care. 7 day or 14 day packages in a hotel environment connected to an advanced therapy centre where families are welcome.

The European Parkinson Therapy Centre (EuPaTh) 

EuPaTh, no profit, has achieved wide acclaim internationally for it’s innovative research based approach, showing people with Parkinson together with their families, that life with Parkinson brings change but change can be managed. Now with representation in 15 countries, advisors to national associations and working with leading Universities and researchers.

The philosophy of the centre is simple; to empower through knowledge and to show through therapy how to stay better physically and mentally in the unique surroundings of the Spa town of Boario Terme, Italy.

Parkinson Book.   Our Book “Shaken but not Stirred”

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.    “Amusing, insightful and inspirational.
.     Steve Ford Managing Director Parkinson’s UK

Our MAIN 1 or 2 week ReGen programs

Parkinson availability



13 July 2016 Alex Reed to visit 10 Downing Street to promote multilevel therapy and new UK program.
26 Novembre 2015
 Alex Reed (EuPaTh) to speak at “Association of Clinical Research Professionals European Conference,” in Brussels Belgium.
10 Giugno 2015  Alex Reed and Daria Andreoli (EuPaTh) speak at “Next steps” Parkinson UK forum.
10 May 2014   EuPaTh hosts international conference
10 May 2013  EuPaTh hosts conference for family Doctors

What People Say about Us

There are no adjectives

Thank you for all you have done for us and for my dad . You were fantastic and professional . The sensitivity and humanity that you give to your patients is priceless and moving. I wish you all our best love and regards . For Alex there are no adjectives good enough. He  lives every day with the difficulties of this condition , but it is a true warrior and prefers to devote most of his time to his patients rather than thinking only of himself . D.T

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