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Oxford Brookes University, European Parkinson Therapy Centre with the full backing of the European Parkinson Disease Association and most national associations across Europe have come together to ASK YOUR HELP in completing one of the largest ever studies in Europe using a simple questionare. Just click on the big banner below.


We believe that people with Parkinson’s deserve better treatment especially at the moment of diagnosis. The results of this survey will be used by the EPDA and National associations and activists to ask that EVERY PERSON NEWLY DIAGNOSED SHOULD BE OFFERED FREE OF CHARGE. A COURSE THAT EXPLAINS PARKINSON’S and how to live well with Parkinson’s.

This would be done in a relaxing environment (non clinical), soon after diagnosis together with any family members who would like to know more. Using a proven protocol


Being diagnosed with Parkinson’sshould be done with sensitivity and INFORMATIVE:
This survey will also give statistical analysis of the cost saving to Govenrments based on people who may  decide to continue working and paying Taxes

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If you prefer a text link. we suggest

<a target=_blank href=>Early intervention in Parkinson’s research project</a>

European Survey.. Help us to help you
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