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The Fairy Tale Continues For The European Parkinson Therapy Center

The fairy tale continues for the European Parkinson Therapy Center

6 years ago, a small non-profit center was opened in Boario with a revolutionary approach to help people with Parkinson’s and their families. From these humble origins the fairy tale of the European Parkinson Therapy Center (EuPaTh no profit) was born.

To date the center operates in over 40 countries, has published a book in collaboration with the BBC, has created a joint venture with Parkinson UK to open 20 centers in the United Kingdom. Thanks to the EPDA (European Parkinson Disease Association) invitation, the President of EuPaTh spoke to all the national associations present in Europe. In October the President, Alexander Reed was invited to Brussels to discuss with the European Parliament.

Also in Italy The center in Boario has had a remarkable resonance. The Limpe Foundation organized an important congress in Rome in December 2018, European Parkinson was one of the protagonists of the event. “We are convinced that our approach will spread even more rapidly in many European and non-European cities”.

Today the center operates at full capacity throughout the year with a waiting list that brings over 7000 stays to the hotels of Boario.

EuPaTh is also workig with “Parkinson UK”, “The Parkinson’s care trust”, “Davis Phinney foundation”, the Cleveland clinic, Parkzone and “Sail for Parkinson” and with the tour operator EuTravel Ltd in London, the Italian Centre will start offering a series of weeks of “active vacation” holidays for People with Parkinson’s accross Europe.

Founder Alexander Reed had the honor of being awarded “Paul Harris Fellow”, which is the highest recognition of the International Rotary Club.

The center has succeeded in such a short time for a combination of unique elements. Created by the collaboration of international leaders in the world of Parkinson’s, directed by people with Parkinson’s in a well-being (non-hospital) environment, it treats patients as dignified clients, including family members and also supporting them after they leave. The model of therapy is based on the concept of the four pillars. A model created in Boario. The therapeutic approach is based on the concept that there are four key elements (what aree called “pillars”) to maintain a good quality of life. Medicines are naturally at the center, but a house with only one wall will certainly not be able to hold the roof up!  It is not drugs that change the life of a depressed person, but all four pillars need to have the same height. Even choosing a location like Boario helps people to face the future. Therefore, the center offers not only therapy but also offers people and families information and practice on how to live with Parkinson’s. Give a man a fish and he eats for one day, TEACH him to fish, he will eat everyday.

A staff dedicated and sensitive to customer needs.
“Thank you very much for everything you have done for us and for my father. You have been fantastic and professional. The sensitivity and humanity that you give to your patients is priceless and moving. I wish you all an infinite good. For Alex I have no adjectives. He also lives every day the difficulties of this disease, but he is a true warrior and prefers to devote most of his time to his patients rather than thinking only of himself. You are a half miracle. “(Franco di Roma)

European Parkinson is also the first center in Italy to have acquired a new imaging technology from Israel for the treatment of cognitive problems. A powerful tool that can help you see brainwaves and use the results to improve treatments.

From January, the center, based on the many requests received, will offer a course called “positive ageing” (ageing healthy): ageing is also a progressive degenerative Neuro condition like Parkinson’s: the goal will therefore be to help predict and prevent physical and cognitive problems related to ageing.

A fairy tale that continues to change attitudes and treatments accross Europe.

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