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Because YES, you helped me a lot.
My walking is much better, my balance has improved, I’m less obsessed by Mr Parkinson’s persistent and  harassing intrusion into my life.
For me the way Alex deals with the disease and its  collateral damage is and will remain a vividly flowing source of energy and courage in desperate moments.
Alex makes me think of the  Johnny Walker ad: STILL GOING STRONG – an amazing, brilliant, inspirational example of commitment and strength.Getting to know him is worth the trip.
I  owe Daniele a different, much more challenging approach to my body and its neglected potential. He made me extend my physical training to 5 sessions a week. Thanks a lot! Hope you make it to Cuba!
You’ll get an evaluation  from my Rehab soon. It still has to be translated.
I kept most of my promises in my after-Boario-life.But I still don’t like the bike: soo boring!
Last but not least, thanks to the whole kind and beautifully youthful staff!


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