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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Learning you have Parkinson is hard to accept, living with Parkinson is an ever changing challenge. Much of the fear about Parkinson is generated from what we don’t know as from what we know.

What is Parkinson?

“At the Parkinson Therapy Centre we believe in telling you in simple precise terms what is Parkinson and what it is not.

It is NOT a death sentence and with modern drugs and therapy it is NOT a one way downhill ticket…but we’ll come on to that. What Parkinson is in medical terms is a “”neurodegenerative disease, characterised by a decreased level of a chemical called dopamine in the part of the brain called the substantia nigrathe””. So What ? Well this part of the brain co-ordinates movement and the lose of dopamine and the dying off of cells causes movement and muscular disorder.

Parkinson is not so rare either, and is getting more common (research has yet to answer exactly why but increased daily contaminants and increased stress are two possibilities) and about 1 in 500 people are effected. This figure varies according to country and race.

Parkinson is not  “an old mans disease”” either. It is true men are more likely than women to develop symptoms but 10% of all cases occur in adults under 50 years of age.

What does it mean to me?

“Parkinson is a degenerative disease, which cannot (yet) be stopped. It may be slowed in its progression but to a greater or lesser degree you will suffer from a range of movement and muscle discomforts which with modern medicine and therapy can be limited and slowed in their onset. These include tremors, rigidity of movements, tiredness, loss of balance and dexterity, also sleep and bladder problems may occur and constipation and “”freezing of muscles”” is not uncommon in Parkinson


Each person is different but all will, over time, find the symptoms more problematic and there will come a time when you will need to face the realities of the condition and adapt your life accordingly. But,… and here is the good part, your not alone, there are ways to fight Parkinson’s (Both with drugs and non pharmaceutical therapy) and your life can become more meaningful and fulfilling if you let it.

The European Parkinson Therapy Centre is at the forefront in non pharmaceutical therapy more importantly we understand it is more than just therapy it is about family and your peace of mind.

Living with Parkinson's

Apart from the drugs that are carefully monitored by your specialist, there is much you can do to not only live with Parkinson but live a full (although changed) and rewarding life. This Centre was founded on this principle “because your life will change but it can still be rich in colour and depth”.

This Centre uses the latest techniques and combines it with a relaxing holiday environment to bring together physical therapy (to loosen muscles, aid balance etc), “neural therapy” designed to protect Neural pathways, recreational therapy (to strengthen muscles) and Guidance therapy to give you and your family the information you need,  the mental awareness to accept that you have Parkinson and an understanding of how it will effect you and how involving your family is fundamental.

The Parkinson centre will give you the tools to continue with your personalised therapy when you return home and help you to learn to live a full life with Parkinson and not a half life living despite the disease.


In the early years, sufferers often ignore, refuse to talk about or even worse, think Parkinson is an end game. How wrong you are and in those lost years it is often the family or caregivers who suffer from the concern, lack of understanding and stress of not knowing how to help.

The European Parkinson Therapy Centre believes strongly in bringing the family into the equation. A problem shared is a problem halved or at least one less burden for all involved. We encourage family to be on “holiday” with you and to enjoy together the recreation, Italian culture, warm hospitality and food and for the family to take part in the personalised meetings about living with Parkinson.

Why me?

Often this is the first question you ask yourself and there is no easy answer. What is more important is to ask the question “How can I make my life fulfilling now that I know it is me”. Often in the early years, hospital therapy and talking openly about Parkinson are avoided by patients. Well, for the time you are with us you are our guest, no hospitals, but we will talk openly about how to live a fulfilling life with Parkinson and with your family. Our scientific committee made up of doctors and therapy specialists is responsible for maintaining the therapy Protocol at the forefront of research findings and offering the most effective therapy.

Michael J Fox (actor) has lead the fight against Parkinson. he has lived with it for over 20 years and his book “the adventures of an incurable optimist “always looking up” show how self belief and acceptance that yes it’s you, are the first steps on the way to a better life and the routemap for approaching therapy and fighting the condition.

FAQ - Therapy basic questions

Therapy should be built around you. 

Therapy should be enjoyable.

Therapy should be informative

Therapy should change lives.

Why should I get therapy??

The honest answer is that if you don’t get therapy and learn to how to continue the therapy afterwards, your symptoms will be more pronounced and you may find a faster decline in your mobility.

Research shows that a correct approach to exercise and life style can greatly reduce some of the worst symptoms of Parkinson, especially in the first few years. Professional staff will follow you through a daily exercise routine and Counselors will help you face the realities of having Parkinson in a sensitive way.

You are our guest, not a patient and you are on “holiday” hopefully with your family or caregiver and whilst the Therapy Protocol is proven to relieve symptoms and aid mobility the best therapy of all is the one you take away with you with a commitment and knowledge that certain exercise, good eating, a positive approach and avoiding stress are effective and fundamental in leading a rewarding life together with your spouse and family.

What therapy do I need?

Being in a relaxing, stress free environment is essential.

The European Parkinson therapy Centre is located in one of Italy’s prettiest regions with lakes and mountains and plenty to do. Take it as a “holiday” and we’ll do the rest by giving you professional therapy based on your own circumstances, personal counseling to you and your family with information on diet, driving, work and what to expect from a life with Parkinson,

The Centre is a leader in non pharmaceutical therapy guided by a protocol created by our scientific committee which includes Researchers, Neurologists, Psychologists and councilors from the USA and Europe.

Therapy must be very targeted and requires specialised staff to bring about Neuroplastic change, to lead you from depression to hope, from negativity to the truth. The therapy you need, depends on you and your situation. Hence Personalised therapy and intensive as, like learning a language, “full immersion” is more effective than once every so often.

Do I need to be in Hospital?

Hospitals are for ill people and often with family excluded and are stressful. Psychologically it is wrong to think of Parkinson as an illness, you have a life still ahead of you and unless you need a hospital, you will not see one. The Centre is however in constant contact with neurological specialists and doctors and the main hospital is just 15 minutes away.

We refer here to early stage Parkinson… as one of our Neurologists said “the more people who take control and visit this centre in the first stages (which may be many many years), the less will end up in Hospitals”.

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