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With many years of Experience and by working with leading experts across the world we are pleased to offer an insightful collection of Videos.
For Physiotherapists, nurses and all those involved in the care of People with Parkinsons and for People with Parkinson’s themselves, to help take control.

This is the Parkinson Education Channel

Opportunities, costs and reality for the future care of People with Parkinson's (30 mins)

Parkinson's Disease and Exercise

Parkinson's: Is Exercise the Answer?

Parkinson's Disease and Exercise


PWR exercise is medicine

Relaxation Technique; Reset

Vision of the future (summary)

LSVT voice treatment

PDCS testing

Parkinson Programs

Details of our Parkinson Therapy Programs

Our Parkinson Protocol

Core elements of ReGen Parkinson Therapy protocol


Frequently asked questions about Parkinson’s

Parkinson Therapy Packages

Our all inclusive Rehabilitation Packages

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