Emma fights tremor

Smartwatches may not be as hot as they used to be, but that doesn't mean wrist-worn wearables are dead altogether. Far from it, actually. Take the Emma Watch, a wrist wearable created by Microsoft Research Innovation Director Haiyan Zhang that's…

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Balancing the brain.

An optimal Parkinson’s disease treatment would need to target both accelerator and brake functions in the brain to be effective without producing side effects like the jerky movements associated with L-dopa treatment. Using an advanced method to manipulate the activity…

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Centro Internazionale

Stem Cell Therapy Hoax

There are two main types of stem cells. Those derived from embryos can turn into almost any other type of cell in the body. Adult stem cells, specific to certain tissues, are not quite as flexible, but still serve as…

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“Profound discovery”

Scientists at Van Andel Institute (VAI) say they're making progress, with the most promising development they've seen to date. The only treatments for Parkinson's target symptoms but do not stop it's rapid progression. But according to researchers, a drug developed…

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Parkinson Child

Stem Cell Trial Underway

A team of Australian researchers have successfully performed a procedure injecting stem cells into the brain of a Parkinson's Disease patient. The researchers are hopeful that this could be the future of Parkinson's treatment. Doctors from the Royal Melbourne Hospital…

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New Parkinson’s test 95% accurate

A test that’s set to become the standard detection tool for a rare neurological disorder may also someday be able to find cases of Parkinson’s Disease and related disorders earlier than ever before, according to new research published Sunday in…

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Understanding Parkinson’s

A new laboratory model of Parkinson's is giving scientists an inside look at what happens in the brain years before motor symptoms appear. Specifically, it demonstrates how abnormal alpha-synuclein proteins, which are strongly associated with Parkinson's, gradually spread from an area…

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Parkinson’s Disease Breakthrough

New research by scientists at the University of Leicester has provided a breakthrough in understanding the origins of Parkinson’s disease which could eventually lead to a cure. The scientists have discovered that the area of a cell responsible for correctly…

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Parkinson Therapy

A Tribute To Ali

One of the most enduring images of Ali is him lighting the torch, his arm shaking, at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. It was a telltale sign of his Parkinson's disease, and he didn't try to hide it. Advocates say…

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