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Therepeutic Holidays under the supervision of Parkinson Specialists

Our sail 4 Parkinson package

The European Parkinson Therapy Centre is proud to announce a partnership with PARKINZONE Onlus to offer therepeutc Sailing holidays.

The Centre in Sardegna is already highly regarded. Sandy beaches and the open sea!
Now The Private Yacht Club on Lake Iseo (which has Europes largest Inland Island) together with the European Parkinson Therapy Centre offer a package based on the success of the Sardegna Package combined with the unique European Centre.

The core elements stay the same as Sardegna. 
1) Focusing on fun and safety, stimulating people to get involved. Not therapy but highly theurapeutic fun
2) Presence and assistence of a renowned Neurologist.
3) Activity and experienced theatrical co-ordinator.
4) Musician and anxillory staff

To which we add
1) Neuro Psycologist and movement expert specialists.
2) Local knowledge through our tour partner EuTravel ltd. 

3) A variety of boats with skippers.parkinson centre

Born out of Passion and managed by experts

The Program.

Sunday 30th June. You need to get yourself to Bergamo airport (Ryanair hub)Parkinson Coppia
Saturday afternoon  (6th) would be the best return flight time.  will pick you up from the airport and take you to the prettty Alpine Spa town of Boario.

Everyday (Monday to Friday). Sunday night will be an info and relaxation session. Saturday morning will be final morning.Header Parkinson Lago

The mornings activities will be held in the European Parkinson  Therapy Centre. Activities will include team building, Theatre lessons (because life is a theatre!). All this in the presence of one of Italy’s best known Neurologists, Experts from the Parkinson centre itself and support staff.Parkinson centre
Lunch will be in a different location, Above a mountain lake, on the edge of the great lake itself, Up in the mountains in a ski resort (no ski boots required!!!!). etc.

We will then head down to the private yacht club where 3 boats and 3 skippers will be awaiting you. You are the crew! so get ready for an afternoon supervised adventure on this beautiful Italian Lake.

Dinner too will be in different locations from dinner on the main Island to a Barbaque at the yacht club.

We will end the day with music and Italian ice cream.

Alexander Reed, President European Parkinson
The combination of the  European Parkinson Therapy Centre, (operating in over 40 countries and recognized internationally as a leader in helping people to comes to terms and find quality of life and applying the latest therapy techniques),  TOGETHER WITH PARKINZONE Onlus with a long established reputation of changing lives through helping them live them, offers a powerful holiday with a strong therapeutic value.

Withe the support of  European Parkinson Disease association (EPDA), also by National associations like, Fondazione Limpe an  Parkinson UK  (awaiting confirmation).

And offered at an all in price (excluding flights) of 995 pounds

For partners the price is just 700 pounds

Participants must have reasonable autonomy.

Hotel will be  a 4 star Hotel with indoor pool


The Background

The journey of sailing allowed people with Parkinson’s (PWP) to take part in new activities, explore new surroundings
and discover themselves and their abilities. The intense sailing activity, assisted by the preparatory acting techniques, helps allow the PWP to explore and observe themselves in being aware of their limits and overcoming their fears.
Thanks to S4P we’ve come to understand how the non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s, such as
feelings of depression, fear, anxiety, discomfort, inadequacy and difficulty with relationships all
contribute considerably to the disease and can seriously affect patients’ quality of life. All participants have grown to appreciate the importance of leading an active life, full of ambitions and goals. Similarly, they’ve gained an understanding of how their habitual dependence and need for
medication often decreases when activities and commitments begin to play a greater role in their lives.

Some of the principal features of Parkinson’s disease include movement difficulties, such as tremor, stiffness and altered reaction dynamics. With due consideration of these challenges, we adapted our method by breaking down the actions required for each manoeuvre into manageable steps. Each day we begin with a warm-up activity using the ropes, winch and various parts of the boat.

Participants are called upon to work with great concentration in order to compensate for their reduced pace by using precision and coordination. The boat becomes an open-air gym and a little theatre as the essential movements for sailing and the roles aboard the boat are simulated and taught before leaving the port.

When a on the boat, between turns and jibes, everyone is given the opportunity to have a go at each role, including steering at the helm. This highly energised environment amidst the lake and wind aboard the boat produces brilliant results; increasing self-esteem and awareness of strength and abilities that are often thought to have been lost.

Dr Nicola Modugno. Chief Neurologist of Sail for Parkinson
                                                                                                                            Nicola Modugno, Neurologist

Neurologist and head of the Parkinson’s Disease and Motor Disorders Centre (I.R.C.C.S. Neuromed di Pozzilli IS).

“Sailing has proven to be a very well-rounded sporting activity. It fosters the progress of effective outdoor exercises needed for the management of a sailing boat. This practice enables PWP to exercise their motor control and resistance.

The group learn, or re-learn, how to move in narrow spaces, position themselves in uncomfortable scenarios and continuously adapt to the different motions of the boat and weather conditions. Thus, they manage to master their bodies through both simple and complex physical activities.”

Nicola Modugno

To request a place on the Sail for Parkinson's program 1-6 July 2019 please complete attached indicating "Sail for Parkinson"

What People Say

“The food, activities and organization were flawless, Nicola (Neurologist) and the team, so warm and helpful. I am not a fan of sailing but the sailing was an incredibly fun and very hands on. The Parkinson Centre is second to none. The scenery was phenomenal with carefully selected locations for meals. The 4 star hotel and the Barbeques on the lake and music, singing and incredible feeling of being a part of a team. This was not a holiday it was a life changing experience”

Details of the program


Sunday 30th june. Arrival Bergamo airport (Ryanair hub) Transfers will be offered at 14,00 and 16,30
Transfers can be arranged from Linate andverona airports (supplement of 100 pounds each way)

Sunday 30th June

18,15 Introductions at European Parkinson Therapy Centre (EuPaTh). Meet the Team
19,30 Dinner in Hotel****
21,00 Music and relaxation therapy, Hotel Garden


Monday 1st  July – Friday 5th July

8,00 Breakfast
9,00 -10,00 4 pillar therapy (different pillar each day)
10,00 -11,30 Theatre and Relaxation …
11,30 Transfer to club

12,00 Lunch in Olive Garden beside lake
12,45 Preparing to crew the yachts. Roles, safety,
14,00- 17,00/17,30 3 boats, 3 skippers, 3 crews
17,30  Debrief, Parkinson’s and sailing
18,30 BBQ beside lake followed by music and relax
21,30 Back to Hotel via Ice Cream Shop!!
Lunch and DinnerParkinson centre
Each day will follow the same agenda.

BUT lunch and dinner locations will change and add variety and will mean minor variations on timing

Lunch at club in Olive Garden
Dinner BBQ at club

Lunch at mountain lake
Dinner at pretty Lakeside town

Lunch at mountain lake
Dinner on Island

Lunch beside the lake,
Dinner at Hotel

Lunch at club in Olive Garden

Dinner BBQ at club


departure day. Transfers offered at 11,00 and 14,00

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