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A Typical day at the European Parkinson therapy centre

Our “Patients” are guests and stay at 3 star or 4 star Hotels close to the centre.

Members of the family are welcome to attend all therapy sessions
Parkinson effects the family and the family is part of the solution

Guests will have an initial assessment by one of our Centre staff who will then take the patient through the recommended therapy routines based on their needs and with reference to the Centre’s Therapy ReGen guidelines. . During this period the focus is on reversing the following

  • Bradykinesia (slowness of movement).
  • Akinesia (rigidity of movement).
  • Problems of posture, gait and freezing.
  • Problems of balance coodination and tremor.
  • Activating process of Neuroprotection and Neuroplasticity.
  • The Last day Time will be dedicated on how to continue the therapy at home

After therapy all guests have free access to the Thermal Park. Music, food, walks, botanical gardens (May to October)

  • Friday morning; Living with Parkinson.

Promoting Movement (Neuroplasticity)


Lighter more informative meetings with experts from different areas of parkinson therapy

  • Techniques for anti stress, breathing, and movement
  • Functional therapy
  • Practical therapy
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Living with parkinson’s, preparing for the future
  • Knowing Parkinson’s
  • Medicines and Research
  • LSVT speech therapy (local supplement)
  • Neurologist on request (local supplement)
  • Podologist (local supplement)
  • Nutritionist (local supplement)
  • Neuro-psycologist (local supplement)
Parkinson Centre
Excursions. Things to do
Guided excursions

Historic pretty lakeside town.

Parkinson Thermal Treatment Package

Relieve stiffness, constipation and aid the liver
6* Thermal Mud treatments
6* Hydropinic Therapy
Supplied by our Partner. Terme di Boario Spa


Interactive Stoneage museum

Local excursion services

Discover the beautiful lakes, mountains and Activities
Supplied by our Travel Partner EuTravel ltd


Europes Largest inland island with great views, restaurants, walks and cycling


3 hours in the large Spa complex of Boario. Relax and enjoy.

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