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The European Parkinson Therapy Centre
offers two core Parkinson Rehabilitation packages using the ReGen protocol/program
(See our Rehabilitation Program)

Favicon  INTENSE or Standard:
ReGen 4 pillars full therapy program
6 or  7 night intensive course
13 o 14 notte Standard.

Arrival day is Sunday
Morning and Afternoon Therapy
Staying in local Hotels
All meals provided
Using the Internationally recognized 4 pillars approach
Improve symptoms and learn to live with Parkinson.
INTENSE is best for people with fewer problems or people who want to learn and AVOID problems
STANDARD is for people who need more time as their walking, pyscological state or mood is more severly compromised.



Parkinson availability

For this Rehabilitation therapy package

 Parkinson Monitoring Program.
For those who have already done ReGen within last year, This 
is the follow up program that checks your Test results against your last visit and examines your psychological profie examining the promises and Active Protocol and examining what went well and what went wrong.
The program costs less than ReGen and has more focus on monitoring and updating your goals and on the movement therapy program (Neurotherapy).
Very popular, as it gives a full picture of your Parkinon’s and therapy that is effective in the warm welcoming enviroment of the centre.
Low cost accomodation Using the Internationally recognized 4 pillars approach
When booking on form. Have you been to centre before answer “yes” and the option to book this program will be made available.

Parkinson availability

For this Rehabilitation Package

Favicon  Focus on you*:
A parrelel program that spouses, other family members can attend and individuals can benefit from.
As a leader in the application of Neuro programs, The ReGen Internatinal Therapy centre offers a course running from Monday to Saturday that focuses on prevention, maintaining and resolving situations connected to stress and focusing on you, and YOUR quality of life.
It combines Stress testing  (including a Brain immaging system developed in Israel), Aerobic movement, relaxation therapy, Reiki, Massage, realxix massage and the spa facility
The Objective is to help people who live with people with Parkinson’s to maintain a balance, gain knowledge of how best to help their loved ones AND to maintain a high quality in their own lives. This package can be ordered at the end of the form.

It is also possible to order on the form special consultancy and therapy packages, such as
– Cognative testing and image scan.
– Full personlised Nutrition report with our doctor and nutritionist and LSVT voice training.



Favicon  For details of our Parkinson Rehabilitation program:

what others    see program

Arrival day is Sunday with Morning and Afternoon Therapy, ending Saturday lunch time. Staying in Hotels 100mts from the centre with all meals included. Also available without Hotel option.

HOTEL;    Heavily Discounted Hotel Booking service (By our Travel Partner) in  full board 3 or 4 star Hotels 

Yuong onset Parkinson

Favicon   The European Parkinson Therapy Centre 

Parkinson Rehabilitation Therapy Cost (mornings and afternoons). EURO per Week:

WINTER     – 30 april 2020                                             510 Euro (6 days all included)

SUMMER    01 May 2019 – 19 October 2019                   610 Euro (6 days all included)

NOTE if accompanied there is a 35 euro charge (25 in Winter) will give free access not only to the centre but also to the park (summer) and offers discounts on other treatments and a 25% discount to the main spa.

For standard 2 week program just multiplythe price by 2

Focus on you* Available SUMMER only. Cost is 250 Euro

HOTEL Booking. Prices are discounted and reserved only for our guests (All meals are included)


up to 30 April 2019

Per person per night

For 7 nights

Full Board


01st May 2019
19st October 2019

Per person per night

For 7 nights

Full Board


up to 30 April 2019

Per person per night

For 7 nights

Full Board


01st May 2019
19th October 2019

Per person per night

For 7 nights

Full Board


Prices include entrance to main Park every day (May to October)

Bergamo Airport Transfer (between 10 to 40 euro each way per person travelling in 2 or more)
All drinks unless stated as included

Children under 12 years in room with 2 adults : 20% discount (Not allowed in Spa complex)
Sunday arrivals, package is 7 nights. It is possible to leave Saturday as last appointments are ReGen therapy in morning and speech therapy (if chosen) in afternoon. If you decide to leave Saturday then please indicate in comments in form “request dates”.

SUPPLEMENTS (pp: per person)
Supplement new years eve of 100 Euro pp per week
Supplement Christmas of 50 Euro pp
Supplement August dates of 7 Euro (3 star) and  10 Euro (4 star)  pp per day
Supplement July and September dates of 4 Euro (3 star) and 3 Euro (4 star)  pp per day
Supplement single room 5 Euro (3 star) and 5 (4 star) Euro pp per day

Upgrade in 4 star to Exclusive room 10 Euro per night (see picture at right of page)
Upgrade in 4 star Suite 40 Euro per night

The European Parkinson Therapy Centre.
EuTravel Ltd

  For a real  taste of Luxury.

  (Note these Hotels must be booked direct)

  •   Zen Boutique Hotel
  •   Jacuzzi cabins and farmhouse


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