Although you are so far away for us now, our 2 weeks with you in EuPaTh changed our lives so positively. Peter has changed so much and became much more positive equipped with new knowledge.

Daria is a fantastic trainer and a motivator. She trained with such passion and exactly what to do ever energy level of Peter differed day to day and knew how to push him.

I am equipped with new knowledge how to support Peter.

Giacomo’s speech therapy was superb and Peter is doing his voice training regularly! People notices that his speech clarity is so much better already.

Silvia was fantastic and gave us the direction in future.

Laura was great and made sure sometimes lazy Peter did the right breathing exercises with great sense of humor which Peter appreciated and enjoyed.

Above all, we would like to thank you so much for taking us out of the maze of Parkinson!

Your passion, knowledge and supportive attitude changed both of us very positively.

We both fell much more positive light in our future and we look forward to see you soon somewhere in the world.

What you have achieved in Italy in such a short time is amazing and it will be great if we could have such a facility in Japan!

We would certainly like to recommend the Centre to everybody who are suffering from PD.

I can sleep better and feel much more peaceful.

Please give our very best wishes to everybody in EuPaTh!