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Let’s Call It James!

Let’s call it James!

It is always been amazing to me that one particular aspect of Parkinson’s gets hidden or left behind especially during the earthquake surrounding our diagnosis.

Strange too because it is essential to living with Parkinson’s and facing our future.

In a recent business convention, the Managing DIrector was talking about communication and marketing and siad “If we decide to change the way we look at things then the things we look at will change…and we must change the way we look at things.” WOW…litttle did she know but she had just uncovered the secret to living with Parkinson’s.

The thing we forget is that Parkinson’s ihas usually a slow progression (depending on various factors). Hang on a minute, ageing is  slow degenerative progression to the grave too. Yet we are not victims of ageing! So why do so many people think of themselves as Victims of Parkinson’s?

Parkinson’s is ofcourse named after the English Doctor James Parkinson’s. Indeed it was a french doctor who suggested using his name. OK.. great idea but why his second name. Imagine being told by your Neurologist that you had James. HMMM . Not the same effect is it? Parkinson makes us imagine all sorts of negative things, but if you change the way you look at things then the things we look at change. HI James!!!!!!. Many diseaeses leave you with no chance to fight back, or change. Here is an idea. We know Parkinson’s will slowly change our lives, what if we took the decisions in how our life will change. Let’s do more of what we enjoy and less of the stressing stuff. Easier said than done BUT …we must change the way we look at things. This takes courage, knowledge and determination. A victim is somebody who has no choice. WE ARE NOT VICTIMS: so choose to do more excercise, change our lives and face the reality. James will not kill you. Parkinson’s may edge you closerv to the cliff.

Alexander Reed

Director and founder

European Parkinson Therapy Centre and the

European James Therapy  Centre!

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