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Hope Or Hell. Parkinson’s Research.

Hope or Hell. Parkinson’s research.

Alexander Reed. President of European Parkinson Therapy.

I do hope you are not sitting at home waiting for that “there will be  a cure” one day, comment by some un informed Doctor, to arrive on your doorstop.

A Cure? Well not in my lifetime. It is widely understood that we do not even understand all the causes of Parkinson, all the types and the complexities of Parkinson.

It may not even be ONE condition… so we would need many “cures”.

Perhaps I will keep the door open for a medicine to be introduced. Well do we not already have medicines; we must do after over 100 years of research.

Well it depends which dictionary you use!! When I was young and had a virus, I was given medicine to make me better and eliminate the virus. Many Dictionary’s state that a medicine is “a substance, often in the form of a liquid or a pill that is will improve or cure you of a disease or condition.” OOOps, that rules out nearly every Parkinson medicine including Levodopa that at its best just hides a deteriorating condition.

OK let us be more specific. A disease Modifying Medicine or DMD. Here there is hope, ironically many of these come from “medicines” used for and already developed for other conditions.

Levodopa is a cover up drug, rather like research with daily claims of new “cures”

Therefore, I will live in hope but most of all I will live with Parkinson’s, until a medicine actually does materialize, but then again will we ever get the medicine due to cost and budgets blooming on health throughout the world. In 2016 the FDA approved “Rytary”, a proven long release Levodopa which if used correctly, dramatically reduced off periods. An excellent cover up but in Europe it has never seen the light of day. It costs 8 times more than Sinemet… No comment.

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