I highly recommend the European Parkinson Therapy Center located in Northern Italy, in the spa town of Boario Terme, in a scenic valley of the lake region, at the foot of the Alps.
Classes were small, 3 to 4 patients plus spouses in attendance, conducted in English, animated by a positive and friendly staff of 7-8 young Italians. One of us was a repeat from last year.
For each of 6 mornings, in a well-equipped fitness room, I performed 1.5 hour of demanding physical exercises under the watchful eye of the same personal trainer; in the afternoon, we attended 1-2 hours of presentations, one group exercise in meditation and personal counseling in goal setting. Spouses opt for a separate interview.
Physical tests of gait and balance were performed on days #1 and #6, to motivate us toward continued practice by showing progress after only a few days.
As a non-profit, it cost less than $800 for 6 days (2 weeks sessions are also available). Additional sessions in psychology and/or neurology counseling and/or massage can be arranged for an extra fee. You can choose your hotel but the Rizzi Aquacharme accross the street is a no brainer at a discounted price + 3 gourmet meals per day plus a 2hr daily access to an indoor spa.