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Let’s call it James!

It is always been amazing to me that one particular aspect of Parkinson's gets hidden or left behind especially during the earthquake surrounding our diagnosis. Strange too because it is essential to living with Parkinson's and facing our future. In…

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Parkinson’s disease Wearing off

Parkinson's Disease Parkinson's Symptoms; Wearing Off For me L-Dopa is what keeps P sedated. P is of course Parkinson’s Disease and when I don’t have L-dopa (L-dopa losses it’s effect after a period of time), P can take control. When…

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Help us, to help you

Please take part in our survey. Link to survey detail can be found by reading more below. European Parkinson Therapy is much more than a unique therapy centre. Through our many international connections we are actively working in over 40…

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Exciting times, new possibilities

Thanks to intensive work by scientists and the Parkinson’s community around the world, we now know more about this disease than ever before. This knowledge is the bedrock upon which we are building new ways to definitively diagnose Parkinson’s and…

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United for Parkinsons

The upcoming EPDA (European Parkinson Disease Association) International congress will bring together  national Parkinson associations from accross Europe. This year EuPaTh (European Parkinson Therapy Centre) will discuss the 4 pillars approach to Parkinson's as well as a proposal for a good…

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