Since the beginning of 2020 we have been working to update and modernize the image of our center, for help more people we can. Now, after a long work, we are pleased to announce you that the European Parkinson Therapy Center has a new logo and a new website.We tried to create a new and cleare website, giving all the informations people need about our Parkinson therapy.

Don’t worry, we have changed the appearance a bit, but the soul of our centre is still the same!

Following our motto “Color your life”, we wanted to communicate the essence of the center through the color that most represents us, orange, the color of dopamine. The new logo portrays a stick figure embracing a drop and, thanks to the chosen color, it wants to represent a person who welcomes joy and warmth into his/her life.

A collaboration between the staff, the graphic designers and the programmers, has led to this small, but for us great, result.

We hope you like it and it perfectly clarifies who we are, what we do and, above all, the passion that each of us puts into his/her work.



A virtual hug to everyone,

Staff of the European Parkinson Therapy Center