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Where do I begin, there are so many reasons that my experience at your Parkinson Therapy Centre has enhanced my life and also my husband life too. We were of course excited and nervous before we arrived. However, we felt an immediate sense of calm from the moment we spoke with you in the car on our journey from the airport to the Centre.
You and your colleagues are a very special group of people, with your immense knowledge of Parkinson Disease and how your ‘four pillars approach’ offers individuals like myself who have Parkinson the ‘tools’ to battle this ‘condition’. I will never, never say again that “I suffer from Parkinson’s Disease”. I feel ten feet tall, in body and soul – thanks to you, Agata and your other complementing professionals you work with.
Richard and I had a very special week together in Italy full of love and new found excitement for our future life together. We know that the hard work starts now I am at home, however the words on one of your walls
“Will it be easy, NOPE. Will it be worth it, ABSOLUTELY” are my ‘Mantra’. These words and a picture of Agata and myself are now firmly attached on my cross trainer at home
We want to come back in January 2018 to build on my success and look forward to meeting and working with you, Agata and your team again.


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