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Now I am going to enjoy my life.

Well we have now reached week four since my ReGen Therapy with you. I am feeling peaceful, energised and well. Several friends and family have told me how well I look, how well I hold myself! I feel physically strong, mentally tough and very confident. I feel like I have reconnected with myself. Parkinson is a facet of who I am but it is not the whole gem.

I am carrying out the physical programme every day. I am walking whenever I can; I am hardly using my car.

Please tell Franco and Paola (Nutrionists)I have not eaten a KIT KAT since my return from Italy and eating only three meals a day. I have lost 2.5kg since our consultation and since November 2016 in total I have lost 6kg. I am determined to carry on to achieve a healthier weight.

We have booked a family holiday to Disney World for 2018, something I would not have felt confident to do before my time with you all, throwing up those ‘walls’ you talked about. I am going to enjoy my life on that ‘slower train’ even at Disney World.

Alex, you and your great team have lifted the ‘excuse’ that I have Parkinson from our lives and Richard and I intend to enjoy the rest of our lives very much together.

Alex when you have dates open for January 2018 please let us know as we can book flights. We can do Sunday commencing the 14th, 21st and the 28th. We are so looking forward to seeing you all again.

Thank you all.