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Our Parkinson Therapy Program is regulated by the ReGen protocol.

1) Show how to slow progression (Neuroprotection)
2) Reduce the symptoms (Neuroplasticity)
3) A road map for the future, to help you take back your life “Quality of Life”

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International Center applying Individual Multi level Parkinson therapy in a unique environment (families are welcome)

Yuong onset Parkinson

ReGen is a Parkinson therapy program/protocol created through International collaboration and research and monitored by Leading Neurologists and researchers in America and Europe.

Developed also with the involvement of People with Parkinson to make it powerful, effective, individual and practical. To not only give the best therapy but explain and help families and individuals live with Parkinson’s. In a holiday location staying in low cost Hotels at minimal cost. 

Based on the 4 pillars of Parkinson Therapy, Medical, Physical, Motivational and life style. 

A personal approach to Parkinsons's.

Parkinson child

“You have Parkinson’s, take some pills and see you in 12 months”, words that can devastate our lives. It does not have to be that way. The centre is dedicated to helping people who are still autonomous and wish to remain so by learning and undergoing therapy that can be applied after attending the centre. For this reason the principles of the centre are the same as for a person with Parkinson:

Favicon   Our family is part of the solution and should get help and be involved.

Favicon   We are people with difficulties who need support, we are not victims or handicapped in any way.

Favicon   We deserve to be treated with Dignity and not as patients. To eat well and enjoy the therapy and to be in an environment that is pleasant. We don’t need Hospitals.

Favicon   It’s not just the therapy. We need information, support, a road map to know how to continue staying better when we return home. It is all about quality of life.

Using the techniques of neuroprotection and neuroplasticity, combined with cognitive, speech, food, breathing, anti-stress, anti-apathy and motivational therapy, the program offers  treatment at 360 ° with our neurologists available to deal with any medical aspects that may arise.
For a full explanation of the results of ReGen, please refer to the section what people say. Thanks to these resuIts the center has become a consultant to various hospitals and national associations and Trusts, promoting the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary therapy (4 pillars) in the early stages of Parkinson’s. That’s why we say with conviction:

slow progression, reduce symptoms and take back your life.

The main components of ReGen are:

pointer ParkinsonIndividual Neurotherapy dealing with functional therapy and specific physiotherapy for Parkinson’s. Using targeted therapy and exercises, the centre in just 6 days has impressive results in posture, balance, mobility, balance and strength. Our therapists will also show how apply the knowledge gained at home.

pointer ParkinsonAnti stress and breathing technique to improve oxygen intake and learn techniques to control movement, and to deal with stress with a technique called Reset.

pointer Parkinson Parkinson Practical therapy. How to maintain cognitive function, improve writing (or write again), getting up and turning over in bed. Also how to apply all the knowledge to daily life

pointer ParkinsonParkinson Nutrition. A meeting on the importance of proper nutrition and the related disorders in Parkinson’s, with particular attention to swallowing, weight and constipation.

pointer Parkinson

Parkinson Medicine and research. What, how, if and when

pointer ParkinsonCognitive Parkinson Therapy. Our psychologist will teach you exercises to stimulate specific cognitive functions such as memory, attention and reasoning.

pointer ParkinsonLiving with Parkinson A series of important meetings to learn how to maintain quality of life.

pointer ParkinsonKnowing Parkinson’s What it means to have Parkinson’s and how we and our families can adapt.

pointer Parkinson

Family, friends and Parkinson. How to best help a person with Parkinson to help themselves

pointer ParkinsonOptogait SYSTEM FOR THE ANALYSIS OF Gait; assessment of physical condition and performance.

Parkinson Speech therapist LSVTpointer Parkinson (on request *) More than 85% of Parkinson’s disease will have problems with voice and swallowing. We teach a proven and effective technique (LSVT) to increase the volume and improve the stability of voice and swallowing.

pointer ParkinsonParkinson Neurologist  (on request *) Available to all patients and their families. Available on request because many neurologists send patients to the center. Our neurologists intervene only if our team identifies a problem or if the patient wants a consultation.

Parkinson Diet and Nutrionistpointer Parkinson (on request *) Detailed exam and reccomendations based on individual needs and situations.

pointer ParkinsonParkinson Podoligist (on request *) Evaluation and correction of  problems relating to feet

pointer ParkinsonParkinson Neurophsycologist (on request *) Evaluation and testing of cognitive functions

* Local supplement

ReGen is an innovative therapy multi level, designed and based on research. We are a not for profit charity and a center of excellence specialized in the treatment of patients in the early stages of Parkinson’s (Hoehn and Yahr 1,2,3). The costs are low thanks to the support of various organizations, foundations and donors.  If at the time of diagnosis we had been given the knowledge and techniques to change the course of the disease, slow its progression and reduce the symptoms up to 40%,  things would have been very different. Today you have right to know that Parkinson’s is not an end but a beginning. The choice is yours.

Our program allows time for you to enjoy a beautiful part of Italy. Lakes, Mountains and valleys. Indeed, being relaxed and enjoying the experience will help make it more memorable and effective.

A typical day

Parkinson Therapy Centre

Parkinson riabilitazioneLiving with Parkinson's


Neurotherapy. Dedicated to working on Gait, posture, muscle, balance and movement using Neuroplastic techniques.
Patients will have an initial assessment by the specialized staff of the Centre. The patient will follow the therapy routine recommended according to his needs and with reference to the guidelines of ReGen therapy. During this time, the focus is to modify the following symptoms
– Bradykinesia (slowness of movement).
– Akinesia (rigidity of the movement).
– Problems of posture, gait and freezing.
– Problems of coordination, balance and tremor
– Activating mechanisms of neuro-protection and neuroplasticity
(reduction of symptoms through the activation of brain neurons)
The last day will be devoted to how to continue the therapy at home.
Fisioterapia ParkinsonParkinson Therapy


Are dedicated to the acquisition of knowledge and insights on topics critical to Quality of life.
This includes
– Activities of light exercise, with family or friends.
– Techniques for controlling movements and relaxation
– Anti stress
– Cognitive therapy
– Functional therapy
– Speech Therapist*
– Neurologist*
-Motivational counseling
-Explanation of what Parkinson is and to understand and re-evaluate the Parkinson

Terapia per il Parkinson


Live for today, not yesterday or what may be. So the evening is a time to relax, eat well and reflect on the day so as to be ready and mindful of what the next day will bring. More knowledge, more improvement, more control of our lives. Living with Parkinson’s is about good therapy, knowing better our body and ourselves.
Terapia Sera

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